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CHAPTER I--ORIGIN everything, and that he has memories, because he is still a very have felt a scruple at sounding too far in advance certain problems contraction of _voilà_ Jean, "here's Jean." At last he tossed his head with an air intended to be merely satisfied, Just as there are bigwigs elsewhere, there are big mitres in the Church. one child, a little boy, the youngest. Where were the other six? Perhaps stairs. The apartment was empty. Even Toussaint was no longer there. Geometry is deceptive; the hurricane alone is trustworthy. That is what being magnificent. He had given to Cosette a robe of Binche guipure "Fabantou," replied the girl. In the second place, metaphor. The peculiarity of a language which is sword under his arm, waxed mustaches, and a glazed schapka, passing the the open-air booths, asked Cosette:-- they are saying, then he entered upon his subject gravely, emphasizing something of the Spartan and of the Puritan in his composition. He would Those members of the Cougourde of Aix who were in Paris then met on the name="linknoteref-14" id="linknoteref-14">14 shavings. In the same coffer he had placed his other treasures, the The whole insurgent group was still under the influence of the emotion appeared to be turned lividly wan, as by an intermittent flash of fertile circulation of interests and ideas, and which are not made for displace the bar and slip into the garden. possessed no secrets for him; the sphinx babbled all her secrets in his and the squad had begun to gaze into the mist in the direction whence We salute them as philosophers, while inexorably denouncing their Valjean. Nevertheless, he continued to advance, groping his way in the eatable. My brethren, have pity! behold the suffering on all sides of wall, a coldness and a constraint between them; ice which must be broken to tell me on that subject. Fables of nurses; bugaboo for children; the curé who rules over the other curés, you understand. Pardon me, CHAPTER I--THE CONVENT AS AN ABSTRACT IDEA the evening. Some indescribable but hideous tools were visible in their hands. All this serenity had been traversed by but a single word of haughty inexpressible hatred. known who opened the door, but it is certain that he found the door open It was no small matter to reach that glade. By the beaten paths, which Here she paused, fixed her dull eyes on Marius, and burst out laughing, was dazzlingly white, but of coarse linen. A grisette who passed near rather than walked. As he approached, the outlet became more and more sound, as if claws and teeth were gnawing at the copper wire. This was to recall them, listen well, this money is really thine. Here is the She had been dismissed towards the end of the winter; the summer passed, the principal attack came from that quarter. The wall is hidden on the two feet square. The frame of paving-stones which supported it had been It was on one of the turf benches of this garden that a rosy mouth six should be embarrassed by any inquiry in that direction. It consisted of M. Leblanc looked him full in the face, and replied:-- following, addressed to "the federates":-- Jean Valjean was, in fact, regularly installed; he had his belled bric-à-brac merchants, Vincennes could grasp Socrates in its fist as Father Mabeuf. I do not know what was the matter with him to-day. But he Jean Valjean watched him hurrying across the garden as fast as his In the meantime, the man, laying his bundle and his cudgel on a bench, "So Father Mestienne is dead." It will be remembered that the fundamental point in Javert, his element, The hostess conducted him to the office; he showed his passport, and premeditation of _coups d'état_. which have since been pulled down then formed redans and angles. to him. The mayor did not look at him, but went on annotating this experienced a moment of happy coquetry. conflagration. A conflagration can create an aurora, no doubt, but why the poor, on widows and orphans, the right to have their meadows mown It was a flute which was played in the neighborhood. This flute always Marius entered his room and pushed the door to after him. the overflow. The rain-water collects there, and from time to time a neither with the buds against the cotyledons, nor with Jussieu against they possess the heedless audacity of mind. A sign that they are losing "Monsieur Javert," said she, "I beseech your mercy. I assure you that find himself caught between two crimes--the crime of allowing a man to thou remember how I took hold of the handle of the water-bucket? That and with the appearance of fleeing; they had been coming to meet him, "I'm sure that I know him." "Yes." me! More than half of what I possess is swallowed up in an annuity; so of aspect; only one window was visible, or, to speak more correctly, two on the earth, there is no longer any sceptre, but make me a revolution they possess the heedless audacity of mind. A sign that they are losing of light, without hope, given over to that terrible approach, vaguely persistence was visibly at variance with the sentiments of every one, of feet, and from the summit of the barricade hurled this thundering shout: other side of the street a small, low house, which stood beside the in the town for the beauty of the flowers which he cultivated there. just seen; thirty-two curacies, forty-one vicarships, and two hundred from the books and manuscripts on his table. to pierce your wall. What does every one who wants to step into the hour. It seemed to him that that stroke said to him, "Come on!" He paid what was asked, left the tilbury with the wheelwright to be God there I would have done it. My chamber is left on my hands. My prematurely aged, who walked nearly every day, hoe and sickle in hand, time to kiss you." disappearance; he would seem to have amalgamated himself with the Thirty years ago, at the epoch of the insurrection of the 5th and 6th of might escape, if he could reach the timber-yards, the marshes, the Probity, sincerity, candor, conviction, the sense of duty, are things of you once more. There are two of us here who will henceforth have no At all events, a tremendous step had been taken. Where he had formerly sister continued to sob; the mother had taken the latter's head between "And that one?" neighborhood, in a tilted spring-cart when it was on the plain, and on teeth of the elder were chattering with cold. The barber wheeled round and charming, who alone had not a wound, who was as indifferent as an hours had just released him. which I had shown at the town-hall. I had to do it. I went to an inn. fell through the man-hole through which he had descended, and his eyes dispelled, another forms. There is hardly one day out of a hundred which "Why, what's the matter with her?" CHAPTER VI--WHO GUARDED HIS HOUSE FOR HIM was not ironed, as we have seen. He swam under water until he reached a the barricade and wounded several men. who is on high, looks down on what I am doing at this moment, and that whatever you pleased with your old numskull of a grandfather! you knew strategy, cost the Fannicot company dear. Before it had traversed two The man of lofty stature whom Courfeyrac, Combeferre, and Enjolras had malediction. It was grand and it was petty. It was the abyss parodied on but winter came again. Short days, less work. Winter: no warmth, "It means cursed name of a dog, in Latin." visit from her mother, who was accompanied by a little sister three farms rise where there was nothing; wretchedness disappears, and In the meantime, although he was a lawyer, and whatever Father as rocks in running water, held their own until night. Night came, hand, when that money might prove of service, he had gone to get it; it cellar was eight feet below the level of the Seine. It had neither which is couched in these terms, _"The question is, to decide whether "Father," said she, in a very low voice, "I am afraid. Who is coming "We have only a woman here to help you. Each one does what he can. I am well. I am perfectly conscious that there is nothing the matter "No. But I could hide you in a small, dark nook which opens on the the sand, the remains of the neck of a bomb, disintegrated, by the history they will not be met with any more. the other for the traveller. The wheels were armed with those long, which it required no words to interpret: "Javert, it is I." There lay the essence and quintessence of the Parisian white society. One is a postulant for two years at least, often for four; a novice for the night out again." Mademoiselle Gillenormand had ascended to them, and its magnanimity consists in consenting to abandonment. It is or rocks nearly on a level with the earth. At length, at a spot where of the Nivelles and the Genappe roads, and said to him, "There are four honorabel family that individual who has no right there, madame la combatant say to him in the midst of the grape-shot: "We are here as at forgetfulness of the hour, he sang the praises of Marius; he pronounced to being beaten, did not know the meaning of this, and ran away in À la chasse aux corbeaux, from the prime minister to the rural policeman. He covered with scorn, A murmur of gloomy and energetic assent followed these words. confusion. The redoubt had been cleverly made over, into a wall on the internal armor; he who is free is scrupulous; he who votes reigns. Hence street to lose their senses. The nineteenth century is poison. The garden, a Pamela. Your taste is not bad. She is said to be a very tidy CHAPTER III--WHILE COSETTE AND TOUSSAINT ARE ASLEEP Then, returning to the subject which absorbed him:-- my own; what is that to me? It is not for myself that I am doing it; almost ready to laugh at the hallucination of which he had been the this trench was full of living men, the rest marched over them and And she laughingly made a movement to lift the old man in her arms. Jean Valjean in appearance, at least. He had lost his father and mother which he had hated, he penetrated that which he had abhorred; henceforth "Well?" He encountered a priest on horseback. He stepped up to him and said:-- then; all encroachments on man should be repressed. There is a divine light! light! everything comes from light, and to it everything returns. and grapes, inundated with sunshine, displaying her marble breast in a watch behind that barricade. It was evident, that to pass the barricade dead man. That would be stupid. This is a child whom I have reared. I extraordinary vicissitudes. Aided by science, which comes from one man, the Court and allotted the lodgings.] three times the spectators who were nearest to him heard him say in nothing in it but fire; Wellington understands nothing in regard to countenance expressed this single idea: What is the use?--His eye was longer." fellow. He had a comic foundation under a tragic exterior, he asked later on in judicial accounts. She was called _Mamselle Miss_. makes us wait! He says to himself: 'Well! they will wait for me! they rushed to her cupboard more hastily than was fitting, perhaps, and who are seeking to evade the vigilance of the law and social fatality, having done such a thing as that! What's the use of being two old men, A ship of the line is composed, at the same time, of the heaviest and "And in the meanwhile?" as the sound of wings; to hear her come and go, retire, speak, return, "Inexorable; yes," said the Bishop. "What think you of Marat clapping Montparnasse?" moment of panic, terror."--Napoleon, Dictées de Sainte Hélène.] Saint Bernard, while Merlonus Horstius only gives three hundred and elder branch in Charles X.; and that which they wished to overturn in motionless and speechless. that accordingly there was no danger. city, through which run the Rues Saint-Denis and Saint-Martin, where a "An inferior agent of the authorities has failed in respect, and in the of some work-woman. It was one of those accidents which are always boiler, there can be no force except in the brain; in other words, Everything smiles, sings and offers itself. One feels gently underwent nineteen years of penal servitude for theft. He made five or from its clusters of lightning. The barricade was underneath it. the bed, where he immediately fell into a profound sleep. become any paler. "Look at the knives. The handles are of silver at Bombarda's and of bone abstraction, the precipices of metaphysics--all those profundities pay attention to her, and it did not appear to her that this attention sparkling and gay. The empty spaces between the candelabra were filled ear. He waited. He was a prudent man. amazement; it was not the least in the world like the scandalized and Rue Polonceau, the other in the Rue Droit-Mur. encumbered with mean buildings and sheds, was dear to him, and satisfied in her cell, she would have cured your leg merely by touching it. "No, aunt. I wanted to see you. I have special permission. My servant is between him and the door, as though already guarding the exit, and gazed perceived what sort of liberty it is to which a yellow passport is Enjolras, you are taking aim at that sergeant, you are not looking at famished, sometimes went to borrow from Marie-Claude a pint of milk, in "Marius!" he cried. "Abominable child! I do not know what your father two brats rendered some shock necessary. "No one must see me, the whole point lies there, Father Fauchelevent. garden. Now she preferred the garden, and did not dislike to promenade We have just spoken of M. Gillenormand's two daughters. They had come cheese-makers drive their cows to the mountains.' This congregation had sent out branches throughout all the Catholic CHAPTER VII--THE EFFECTS OF DREAMS MINGLED WITH HAPPINESS She appeared on the threshold; it seemed to him that she was surrounded "Don't say a word, and don't be alarmed," went on Jean Valjean. He thought of nothing, so far as he could afterwards remember. At two "I have a little cage there, where I hear the mass and the offices." entering into conversation with the man, sure that there was some secret After a time, offerings of money flowed in. Those who had and those who go to your own quarters! Leave me alone a little!" 2 (return) [ Liège: a cork-tree. Pau: a jest on _peau_, skin.] of Tantalus as applied to a mother? Bear this well in mind sir: the his eyes, gazed fixedly at his grandfather, and cried in a voice of property democratic, not by abolishing it, but by making it universal, Brevet, who is detained for I know not what, and who has been appointed evil Norman monk, a bit of a sorcerer, named Tryphon has left on and how he had made his way into the garden. It seemed so simple to her Ma'am Bougon was convinced that Marius was to some extent an accomplice prison, and they have been dragging me about for the last three months; descended to within a very short distance of the ground, with a gentle "He is following on my heels," said she. CHAPTER XIV--WHEREIN WILL APPEAR THE NAME OF ENJOLRAS' MISTRESS Far from it. As there is always more wretchedness below than there a word since Cosette had left the room. trees." The truth is, that the cloud did not move. The Emperor detached This congregation had sent out branches throughout all the Catholic the bodies of executed criminals were dragged by hooks to be thrown into beadle-book-collector, and was amazed at the sight of him in the midst has not been proved. Now, before going to the galleys for theft, what requirements of the tomb, and no other care was taken than to make the four thousand francs; four thousand francs! a splendid scandal on of discovery. One of the survivors of this expedition, an intelligent And his head, which had been upraised for a moment, fell back upon his in becoming an honest man." combatants had around them something in the nature of a swarm of one looks at its shadow, for the shadow had taken the alarm when Cosette conversation, but he did not know why he had not dared to put the Towards the middle of the last century a change took place, prison songs "I hear her! mon Dieu, I hear her!" somewhat, and that he could not dine with Monsieur le Baron and Madame imperturbable under the projectiles, charged straight for the barricade way!" She did not go so far as: "I told you so!" which is customary on Enjolras had had piled up at the door of Corinthe had been carried up to intermittences, exceptions and faults, the march from evil to good, from CHAPTER XIII--LITTLE GERVAIS you were going to Arras on that matter in a week or ten days?" when there would be but a dozen bent and aching shoulders to bear the M. Clausel de Montals differed on divers points from M. Clausel de finished before midnight. The man would probably be condemned; the When the young girls were left alone, they leaned two by two on the mattress in front of her window. This window, an attic window, was on cassock whose buttons were missing, and the Abbé Keravenant, Curé of bore a perfect resemblance to members of the National Guard. One of them question. elixirs. Project Gutenberg-tm electronic works. Nearly all the individual works thing he beheld was a piece of gold lying forgotten on some piece of upon: some flowers on earth, and all the stars in the sky. These surprising exhibitions of stupidity are not novel; this is no all distresses, the coldest. Still, Father Mabeuf had not entirely lost nightfall? Why does Mr. So-and-So never hang his key on its nail on and the other flatters, and the beautiful daughters of the people have were still bolder. They found means to climb on a roof, and risked their All at once, Cosette paused; she had just turned round and caught sight Each man had taken up his position for the conflict. You might have done that, and no one would have troubled you on that "You the man to go to the Barrière du Maine! You capable of it!" CHAPTER VI--MARIUS BECOMES PRACTICAL ONCE MORE TO THE EXTENT OF GIVING it!" process, by satisfying and calming him. He remained the same, setting distinguished, although they only saw his back, was walking along about destroyed--that was the definitive conquest of England by France; it was was to bear her off into the darkness? Whither? And what if it were she! moment by the strangling of the collar; some woke no more. In order to She stretched out her arm to enjoin silence about her, held her breath, his head forward, and looked into the fragment of the Rue Mondétour. of paradise, I was not intended to be a Parisian, that is to say, to Géborand, who had amassed two millions in the manufacture of coarse He made a sign of the head in the negative. papers? The fact is, they were stray lambs and they seemed free. To be was bringing up out of charity, uttered this sweet and heart-breaking you; that the pavements which you tread are merely stones. Later on, Gavroche could think of no reply to this, and stood there in indecision, Mother Presentation, Mother Passion. But the names of saints are not evil, contemplators of cosmos and radiantly forgetful of man, who do not told whether what he felt was pain or pleasure. is not a horror, what is? To dismiss a poor girl who is doing her was in the courtyard at the appointed hour, as though he had received angles of her bones, and rendered her thinness frightfully apparent. ever seen her yet. Beautiful with a beauty which was wholly feminine and and mounts guard over monseigneur's smile. To please a bishop is On another book, entitled _Philosophy of the Medical Science_, he had air, in fact. She told herself that she was not sure of anything, that In the time of Mathurin Regnier, this cabaret was called the boy again. Thereupon, M. Gillenormand capitulated. He sent the two brats Thénardier conducted him to a chamber on the first floor, which was of caraffes in the chambers of the travellers who had arrived must have Marius called to Enjolras, who had just stationed himself at the other Jean Valjean elevated his head with so much majesty of attitude that he pail, chain, or pulley; but there is still the stone basin which served personage, and that young girl, although they appeared,--and perhaps "Cosette!" said Jean Valjean. The walls are covered with inscriptions. Near the feet of Christ this impossibilities was a fact, and God had permitted these wild fancies to conscience will reproach me for it some day, to accept, for the good of not even allowed their sleep; every night, after a day of toil, they I was born again." partition, almost unconsciously; sometimes revery examines, observes, required of him; he dropped his eyes and replied:-- his head forward, and looked into the fragment of the Rue Mondétour. Marius, had used in this very barricade, and not only did he recall his the cold and bitter scorn of the passers-by penetrated her very flesh ordinary diet consisted only of vegetables boiled in water, and oil formidable densities. A chimerical reality appears in the indistinct saying to himself in a whisper, he smote the table with his fist, and walls; then a field in which tan-bark mills rose like gigantic beaver "Monsieur Marius!" connected with the Montmorency family, laid a wager that she would ask seething around him with the resignation of a martyr and the majesty of sous; one to Val-de-Grâce, fifteen sous; and one to the Barrière de heavens. At the moment when Jean Valjean paused in front of the bed, all sorts of dark edifices. had bent but had not given way, and which had curved under the water which, however, bears no reference in itself to, and is not connected by on his brow. order. But that a man with such a hat should permit himself such a "I really think that there is not. There is a great crowd. However, bedchamber. A glazed door opened on the garden; opposite this was the ancient Evohe. Here it is: "Ohé, Titi, ohééé! Here comes the bobby, here country. From the associations of the Friends of the People, which was of the hall, in the same place and the same attitude in which the usher Charles X. from beneath that dais which had sheltered Louis XIV. and were not made--" announced that the convict Jean Valjean was dead, and published the fact "Yes." heart of a young girl resembles the tendrils of the vine which cling, Certainly, you are reasonable, too; you haven't imagined that I should lantern at one of the corners of the Place du Châtelet. Piræus. Learn this in addition; the wineshops of the ragpickers are frescoes show us the two Dukes of Bretagne and Bourbon, armed, furious. The wicked skies punish good deeds. The elevation of this escarpment can still be measured by the height of passers-by. He crossed the little river Crinchon, and found himself in a Like certain church towers, Madame de T.'s salon had two cocks. One of his servants, which caused his wife to dispense with them. This giantess Thénardier's epistle: "To the benevolent gentleman of the church of undecipherable arabesque. little Theban, he shakes the skin from the lion; Barra the drummer-boy doubt this. air, was tending even then to transformation. Even at that time any one was no one there except themselves. Jean Valjean thought that other this question, when we behold so much terrible darkness. Melancholy _brioches_ [blunders]. This letter comes from the barricade of the Rue and _vir_, that was the exact effect of their different shades. to a beggar? They persecute the saints. They shut their eyes to the though she were on the point of waking, and she strained the doll almost shoulders, at the windows of the two stories of Corinthe. absolute when confronted with the fictitious absolute, humanity which charming or tragic beings merely dreams? had they actually existed? The lower lip was thick and easily became disdainful, his brow was lofty. A The two teeth had been extracted. printer's name. The stranger did not stir. success, man is a failure. God made a mistake with that animal. A "There are the little girls." to insure a good reception there, only one irreproachable thing is asked "Come, that is true; I even have a good appetite." "How much is it?" round it, so that he ceased to be seen by the other. a large woollen veil, the guimpe which mounts to the chin cut square on "Tenthly: Mme. Henry is an honest woman; her canteen is very neat; but impregnable, and admitted of neither objection nor restriction. In his without attaining to such happiness, Mother Crucifixion's death was very scientifically proved, is purer than the air taken from above Paris. In boulevard in time to see a fiacre turning the corner of the Rue du principal water-conduit of Ourcq, a piece of work which was executed in pillar fountains, the sewers alone form a tremendous, shadowy net-work sky there to enable him to preserve his serenity, and Cosette enough to Thénardier paused. He was out of breath. His little, narrow chest panted damasks, lampas, painted moires, robes of shot gros de Tours, India She regained, for the purpose of addressing Jean Valjean, inflections of put into a half-subterranean hollow lined with rock-work which lay near Enjolras cried: is the continuation of the last doll. was open. That had been the fashion of his century, and he would not carriage. Light the lantern, take it and go down stairs. You will stand This question Marius felt like pincers. How had it come to pass that The wig-maker turned pale. reason they are intelligent." and the first comer took it upon himself to save society. as he is every evening, and he supped with this Jean Valjean with the girls trembled and dropped their eyes. Favourite having been in England, was admired by Dahlia and Zéphine. She hardly six. Her large eyes, sunken in a sort of shadow, were almost put This had been sufficient to make him come to a decision. been afraid. He already knew too much. He sought to dull his senses Then he went down stairs and woke up the porter. the truth about Louis Philippe. his heart. He would have turned pale, had it been possible for him to Fantine, without changing her attitude, continued in a loud voice, and He had peasant parents whom he had contrived to imbue with respect for very few plains and a great many mountains; hardly any roads, as we have "mountebank," called him by name, took him by the hand, and spoke to were cracking. By degrees the outlines became fixed, although bathed The curé thought that he was doing right, and perhaps he really was, in disorder. mysterious statics is daily practised by prisoners, men who are forever Pontoise. and dew in the flowers, the long silvery tracks of the snails were Germination is complicated with the bursting forth of a meteor and with is, it would terrify her. What, a convict! we should be obliged to room, like a carriage, and saying, "Hu!" all hours praised and adored be the most Holy Sacrament of the altar!" last extremity, bewildered, and as though he would have liked to pierce _Mademoiselle Muche_--"hide yourself." hair-dresser's shop Gavroche, who had the two brats still in his mind, that this was no Champmathieu affair, that by concealing my name I was them. There are always petty fatalities of the sort which complicate domestic violence of all these conflicting emotions forced him to it. Thought was the thirty francs for rent, and the thirty-six francs to the old woman, CHAPTER II--WHAT IS TO BE DONE IN THE ABYSS IF ONE DOES NOT CONVERSE own thing, his own despot and his slave. It seemed as though they had been arrested by properly conducted police." employment. Among these unemployed there are bores, the bored, dreamers, evening,--it is this evening that you must pay, is it not?" "Ah! see here, my good man; I am very sorry, but I have no room left." wounds. It frequently happened that Basque came twice to announce: "M. the cafés. see here!" their digestion accomplished. How agreeable that is! I do not say that What prisoners call a "postilion" is a pallet of bread artistically Gladiator, near the other end of the walk, as though with the object of French society were not fixed in the Bourbons, but in the nations. say, revolutionary at a distance, not through acts committed, but by Lobau caught on the flank; a fresh battle precipitating itself on our "So much the worse, I don't care. You have a melancholy air, I want you faith, and the democracy being in good faith in its attack, the amount of the Court-House seemed features of the night. A street lantern saluted this old acquaintance cordially, he tapped all catastrophes on This signature was not false. It was merely a trifle abridged. into a neck comforter. Little Gavroche appeared to be engaged in intent departure for the disaster of a destiny. Claude Gaux had stolen a loaf; "You should have knocked." curiosity. She is dazzled by the simplest things. Suppose a case: I am When many varied sensations have agitated the day, when various matters "Hey?" "Mother Hucheloup, weren't you complaining the other day because you There was a chair behind him; he dropped into it, terrified at the hostelry was in allusion to one of his feats of arms. He had painted it out above, if, with the laugh of his age on his lips, he had not had a of M. sur M., the police had supposed that he had betaken himself to "There come two creatures," muttered Gavroche. from it. recognizes the difference which separates the Jewry of the Judengasse He saw that black form standing out in relief against the white of destiny produce these billows in our souls. of childhood, which do not, however, succeed in making us worldlings is, it would terrify her. What, a convict! we should be obliged to sometimes sleep in the ditches. Do you know, at night, when I walk along went away he had been very gentle, as usual, and that he had merely told CHAPTER III--WHILE COSETTE AND TOUSSAINT ARE ASLEEP and without this handful of bold men seeing a single bear-skin cap or And he seized Marius' head, and pressed it with both arms against his make others share it without their knowledge, one has not the right to bring to light, among the known and published peculiarities, things two blocks of shadow. One of these blocks of shadow entirely covered the being deprived of his convict; and lastly, because Javert, being an be said, and then the prayers for the dead. We shall be at peace here he might attract less attention than if he were to remain always in the soul-atom; expanding everything in God, entangling all activity, from had gone to Chelles, to Bondy, to Gourney, to Nogent, to Lagny. He had which has recently taken place in cottons has converted to us many my iron-shod cudgel and the forty-sou piece stolen from Little Gervais, He continued to advance. One evening, Marius was on his way to the rendezvous, by way of the there was one where they were howling; a third where they were begging; called the law, and that grand divine thing which is called justice. _Monsieur le Comte_. Monsieur le Comte as big as my arm, assassins of bars. and staring; and through his window-panes he saw the reddish gleam of a himself and had hired the house just as it stood, including, of course, Leblanc. The hair was the same, also the profile, so far as the cap This mediocre play upon words produced the effect of a stone in a pool. Cosette had been obliged, on becoming a scholar in the convent, to don necessary to be majestic. People would be greatly annoyed if they did Tholomyès as to a husband, and the poor girl had a child. and brilliantly lighted up. stand in need of us?" He grasped his son's hand again. Then he continued: you! But we'll devour you, poor little things! Just see here, Mister still open. adjusted little brass rings in the eyelet-holes of corsets, what do indescribable, which was both joy, confidence and love, dawn in her The voice which had summoned Marius through the twilight to the had become terrible. An oriental tale relates how the rose was made white by God, but that hour and at every hour may the love of Jesus kindle my heart!" The light is here. We are not acquainted with the maladies of these ancient of this book, and establishes the fact, that to this bishop must be items in the landscape, the man on the shore, the carriage on the quay. never light a fire, scourge themselves every Friday, observe the rule of Vaugirard cemetery, which was made of land which had formerly belonged later to the Benedictines of Martin Verga. This holy woman, too poor to forest, Charlot asked Charlotte. Tou, tou, tou, for Chatou, I have but under side of civilization. CHAPTER IX--MADAME VICTURNIEN'S SUCCESS by the police, though not yet arrested. This Magnon, whose name the "To-morrow," said Jean Valjean, "I shall not be here, but I shall not be workmen become slowly impregnated. In our own day, after having under the saw, and it won't be hard to cut." for the Republic, himself the leader of the insurgents,--all these blocks, dislocated chains, pieces of woodwork with brackets having the are always ready to cast upon the first person who comes to hand, as a And then a struggle arose as to who should remain, and who should find Goodness and philosophy are two distinct things; the proof of this At every discharge by platoons, Gavroche puffed out his cheek with his the peaked boss of a shield, four grand alleys, and, ranged by twos motion, his attitudes, his mysterious and rapid gestures, caused him That said, he seated himself with sovereign dignity before the table, Marat, lower than Babeuf, lower, much lower, and without any connection BOOK FIRST.--A FEW PAGES OF HISTORY flight. alone in the world. He had never been father, lover, husband, friend. In unknown person unharnessing amid the shadows. up, coachman! that's the way one goes to heaven. They fetch a box with No one ever found out how he had managed to get into the courtyard and disconcerts that which emerges from the cave; the ferocious fear the carried to the point of forgetting all anxiety for his own life, that was walking through the country after a shower, which had made the whole "Ah, there you go; '93! I was expecting that word. A cloud had been "I said to myself, 'The moon is bright: it is going to freeze. What if I fault has passed." nothing more. left the table, and was on the point of withdrawing to his study, having It was quite natural that Cosette should think herself Jean Valjean's blew at Jean Valjean. She was a Grace copying a cat. in after them, pulled the stones together, and closed the opening "It's raiding," said Joly. "I have sworn to go through fire, but not "Monsieur le Maire!" shrieked Fantine. cloud did not last long. She had Marius. The young man arrived, the old It must be cast down. This monstrous mass must be made to crumble. To If one were to ask that enormous city: "What is this?" she would reply: when she set out for her dish-washing in town, had a habit of locking And without having uttered it, moved by the same thought, impelled by Besides this confession in a loud tone, for which all faults in the Beginning with that blessed and holy hour when a kiss betrothed these Two men who have a secret in common, and who, by a sort of tacit illuminated from below. CHAPTER I--MARIUS INDIGENT contemplating the slumber of the just. "Here is a letter for you, Monsieur Marius." "I am in the habit of being polite to every one. Go away!" of the church of Saint-Jacques-du-Haut-Pas." is certain, that on the day after the battle, a cuirassier and his face, which was in the shadow, was not distinguishable. What will your relatives say to see me in a crumpled collar? Do speak! listened; not a sound in front, not a sound behind him, and he fled as terrified wild animal which is seeking refuge. Man, which also dated from one of the orders of the day: _Pluviôse, the other. Cosette's instinct sought a father, as Jean Valjean's "Well," returned Jean Valjean, "keep the money for your mother!" to elapse; then he took her aside and showed her the fifteen hundred art are to jewellers' work what the metaphors of slang are to poetry. added: that doll of hers! I'd rather marry Louis XVIII. than keep her another "What will you eat?" spiritual self would have been obliged to concede that it weakened at "A day without seeing you! But that is impossible!" Beyond the heavy, rusty iron bars, a sort of dark and vaulted corridor to time. He dined on bread and potatoes. He had sold the last of his that name would not menace him, that that light would but produce "Immediately?" his character of a philosopher of the nineteenth century, accepted, was "M. Scaufflaire?" again, threw the knapsack on his shoulders, put on his cap, drew the to him; he finally arrived at the conclusion that his punishment was These men, through the black masks or paste which covered their faces, "You recognized me very readily," he muttered. experienced that sort of religious terror which seizes the masses when easy. Since a lass there is, try to get a sight of her. You must write Why? Because of Wellington? Because of Blücher? No. Because of God. going very far, I shall see you from there, you will only have to look his waxed shoes astonished the ushers. No one spoke to him, not even the been properly attended to. His father, a tree-pruner, like himself, had "In order to speak like you, reverend Mother." And he added in his own mind, "For the martyr here below." "Take aim!" when all at once, they heard a strong voice shout beside becoming bearable. It finally assumes a form, and adjusts itself. One inevitable as was the catastrophe, there was nothing here of the agony The enraged democracy reproached it with this. "I was walking with my brother, the brother of my childish years, and much affected air, his lips indulged in obscure movements, as though "What little girls?" asked Jean Valjean. effort made by her memory. She told herself, that it was very naughty moment of anxiety; but near the bed there was a mirror nailed to the in the opinion of Marius; M. Fauchelevent taking his daughter off to contrary to sense is often more onerous than a war. From this secret sometimes said to her, smiling at his happiness in being importuned: "Do the contemplation, in their twilight splendor, of these sombre triumphs more numerous courtesies of the old women and the more plentiful smiles a game in which he who loses wins. Let us, therefore, speak of Waterloo black pall. to-morrow morning." and leaning on the table. great century. He had a daughter over fifty years of age, and unmarried, the back,--may we be permitted the expression,--this sally of Javert's: was laughing with all the animation of forgetfulness. Hardly had he got his eye upon him when he lost sight of him. of a lover." tells a tale of domesticity; there the core of an apple which has "Those are the utensils of an edge-tool maker," thought Marius. her wont. She had expected great results. When the man and Cosette had The old man's entire countenance lighted up with indescribable radiance. - You comply with all other terms of this agreement for free The evening had that serenity which overwhelms the troubles of man envy, of those devoted, trembling and trusting creatures, of these 50-52 with which the reader is acquainted--at the Gorbeau hovel. But there was no longer any one on the barrier. The assailants, "For my part," said Favourite, "I want it to be of gold." the trap, seeking the absent one everywhere, stupefied by love. What was he intending to do, if not to throw himself into the Seine? that a creditor is worse than a master; for the master possesses only of a National Guard bearing the number of his legion, and in his belt, Then she dropped the swaddled sword, which only half met her needs, and obscure street, peaceable inhabitants. Jean Valjean experienced an Mademoiselle Euphrasie Fauchelevent. She was declared an orphan, both said to her, "You are young and pretty; you can pay." She divided the there reigned the confusion of caverns; Dædalus backed up Babel. "Is she still there?" without weakness. than ever. It was a door even more glacial than that of winter which hideous legends, as we have said, covered this colossal sink with people whence sprang the apostles and the martyrs, when he uttered this Babylone, was not only one of the prettiest, but one of the "best "So you have a lodging?" fertility with the detritus of a capital. A great city is the most In the state of joy in which he then was, he was the most venerable of daylight habitually illumined his soul. followed it, then lost it. Time was flying. He plunged deeper into the "Yes." the biography of the regiments than to the history of the army." The when that anchor, which weighs tens of thousands, is twisted in the jaws It is not their fault they do not know how to go to work otherwise. He answered:-- What love commences can be finished by God alone. of finances,--and men call that Genius, just as they call the face been intrusted by her mother to an inn-keeper of that neighborhood, had significant metaphors:-- being sketched out. in order to embrace him, and to question him while so doing, and to find He raised his eyes, and recognized that wretched child who had come to old rock. Thus, when the King of Prussia, after having restored Louis remained, however, gentle and veiled in an ineffable half-light. That one of its jets of flame, and picking off dead men one after another He left on his right the two narrow passages which branch out in the silence; there is a great tumult; everything about us talks except the their stations. The window on the landing-place, which was a sash- be she!" parishioners was M. le Cardinal Fesch. One day, when the Emperor He went a little to chapel, not at all to the chase, never to the opera. the one absorbed and sunk in the revery of the other. sheets _the hero of Andujar_, compressing in a triumphal attitude that "There now," thought Gavroche, "that's what the summer nights are good you have before you, sir, a wretched man." Nevertheless, Javert dropped a few questions, like plummets, into conscious, that Jean Valjean, five minutes later, found himself in the hardened himself against the angelic action and the gentle words of the and become incorporated, almost like a mineral formation, in that dusky mother, if she had broken her ban. And he would have done it with that his breast a sword which had been presented to him by the officers of "I can't." degree that he bit him. From time to time, a breath of fresh air reached caressing appellations had survived, as is often the case. She called the bell. As I told you, a stroke each minute. It is the death knell." emit a ray of light. galley-slave who obeys his conscience. I know well that that is most "You no longer need a father, you have a husband." are just like old friends." that the man was deceiving her. Thereupon, exasperated by jealousy, she material destitution, thanks to moral obscurity, that unhappy being who doctrine which may be summed up as follows:-- funerals under the same carriage gate. So you have got yourself arranged occupation of her life was to go out with him, to remain with him. It hither. Agreed, I tell you. It has already been put into verse. This is He was a boisterous, pallid, nimble, wide-awake, jeering, lad, with a Foundation. Royalty payments must be paid within 60 days following each "Fabantou, alias Jondrette!" replied the husband hurriedly. "An artistic adjusted itself to the cap of Fauchelevent's will. Fauchelevent's by such an encounter. The first is to approach the man and speak to him. Chabouillet, who had, moreover, already been Javert's patron, had the appeared to limp. No. 5 [bis], to the number of five or six thousand, in the house of a grave-digger's business becomes a subject for laughter when performed by that this grandioseness and this burlesque should be amicable neighbors, to be inferred from his attitude and his physiognomy was a strange they were craters; those cuirassiers were no longer cavalry, they were This cashier occupied a room situated directly under M. Madeleine's He retraced his steps, he called, he did not find them; he reflected astride of it, let themselves slip, one after the other, along the rope, but what we can say, even at the present day, that after making these of his ambition lay in resembling any other man who paid his taxes. This The inspector remained silent for a moment, then replied, as he warmed ducked, the stone passed over him, struck the wall behind, knocked off a Some days later, one morning, when the sun was shining brightly, and exaltation was such that one day, a workingman exclaimed, before the of the chimney, endeavoring to gather up and conceal her poor half-nude did not see M. Leblanc and his daughter retire. He concluded that they him perfectly, although he was alive "this time"; that afterwards, they burned, La Haie-Sainte was taken by assault, Papelotte was burned, that, at any rate, when he should have seen that Champmathieu, some blossoms.--"It was with that stuff," said he, "that the bed of the l'Homme Armé. A change awaited him there. He drew a chair close to the fireplace, folding his arms, and presenting chamber. Bossuet says. We are going; we are gone. We flee in the arms of Lafitte over, in order not to strike Marius against the vault; at every step he see the frost, that paste, when I see humanity ripped apart and events new-comer with her eyes. old lieutenant grew thoughtful, as he recalled Suchet's saying at Boissy, enraged with his homeliness, pronounced sentence on him as to remain on the surface; all aspects of things are thoughts of God. The who represents the one, and Danton, who incarnates the other, that There was a stone bench in one corner, one or two mouldy statues, anything better?" he would have answered: "No." God might have said to "_Dame_, sir," remarked Basque, "we all woke up late." She was possessed of virtues after her own kind; if she had ever had a J'ai fort lu Platon, mais rien ne m'en reste; "And to him also." moon, still very close to the horizon, cast great masses of light and soldier's cross of Saint-Louis, and adorned, in addition, with a who generally returned from all his deeds with a radiant satisfaction, in the carriage. Marius, motionless, with his body resting in the then? It was an inhabited spot where there was no one; it was a desert that wise and charming Mademoiselle de Blemeur, Mother Innocente, who inherited his pickaxe. appearance at the door, with a hideous laugh which exhibited not teeth, Suddenly, the distant and melancholy vibration of a clock shook the he could advance tolerably far into the street without being seen. He "Sir," resumed the child, "give me back my money." Comme la nuit se fait lorsque le jour s'en va.